CJA Service Providers Maximum Rates

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The Judicial Council of the Ninth Circuit has established maximum billing rates for investigators, paralegals, law clerks and other service providers. A range of hourly rates within the norm of rates paid in the Central District of California are listed below for other CJA appointed experts.

Psychiatrists, Neurologists and other medically licensed experts up to $275.00/hour
Psychologists (with Ph.D.) up to $200.00/hour
Forensic Experts up to $200.00/hour
Attorneys serving as experts in non-captial cases $125.00/hour
Strickland Experts $178.00/hour
Associates $74.00-$95.00/hour
Mitigation Specialists (non-testifying) up to $100.00/hour
($55 for record collection)
Investigators* up to $75.00/hour
($55.00 for record collection)
Paralegals up to $45.00/hour
Law Clerks up to $45.00/hour

In addition to establishing the hourly rate, a cap must be set on the total amount authorized for expenditure. Both the rate and the authorized amount should be clearly indicated in the Court’s order. Please call 213-894-0978 if you have any questions regarding the information above or any other CJA issue. 

* Note:

The maximum billing rate for investigators is only justified if the case is a capital case and/or the investigator possesses unique skills that are necessary for the case.