Notice From The Clerk January 2008

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Pursuant General Order 08-02, you are required to e-mail a “Filed” stamped copy of your initial filing in PDF format within 24 hours as follows:

  • Complaint/Removal, Notice of Assignment to Magistrate Judge for Discovery (CV- 18), Summons (CV-01A) and Civil Cover Sheet (CV-71) as one PDF attachment.
  • Certification and Notice of Interested Parties (CV-30) as a separate PDF attachment.
  • AO-120 or AO-121 (for Patent, Trademark, Copyright cases only) as a separate PDF attachment.
  • Any other “Filed” documents that accompany the Complaint/Removal as separate PDF attachments.



SUBJECT LINE OF E-MAIL TO READ: Document type (complaint, removal, etc.) and case number. Sample: Complaint CV08-01234-ABC(SHx)

The ECF Helpdesk can be reached at 213-894-0242 during business hours; Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST). E-mail questions to:

Subsequent documents e-mailed to above address will not be accepted. Please check General Order 08-02 for instructions on how to e-file documents.