Honorable Frederick F. Mumm

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Magistrate Judge

Roybal Federal Building and United States Courthouse, 255 E. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA, 90012, Courtroom 580, 5th Floor

Law and Motion Schedule: 

​​Civil motions are heard on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.

  • It is not necessary to clear a motion date with the court clerk prior to filing the motion, although the Judge reserves the right to continue motions sua sponte.

Discovery motions are to be set before the district judge unless the district judge to whom the case is assigned has a blanket referral of all discovery matters to the magistrate judge or already has issued a case specific order referring all discovery matters to the magistrate judge, in which case discovery motions are set before the magistrate judge. (See Discovery Referral Sheet.) Strict compliance with Local Rules 37-1 and 37-2 is required. It is the Court’s policy to decline requests by counsel for telephonic conferences to resolve discovery disputes which arise during pending depositions.

Judge's Procedures: 

Procedures for filing an ex parte application:

  • Strict compliance with Local Rule 7-19 is required. A FILED stamped mandatory chambers copy should be delivered directly to the Judge's chambers. Any opposition should be served and filed within 24 hours of applicant's oral notice. Court will notify parties if a telephonic hearing is desired.


Parties shall make every effort to limit the number and volume of under seal filings. Parties should seek to file under seal only the specific exhibits or documents for which there is a valid basis for filing under seal. Under Seal and In Camera Documents (Civil), counsel are referred to the procedures in Local Rule 79-5 and 79-6. 

When seeking the Court’s approval for an under seal filing, the submitting party shall electronically file an Ex Parte Application to Seal, a redacted version of the document sought to be sealed, and a proposed Order through the Court’s CM/ECF System pursuant to Local Rule 5-4. The Ex Parte Application, redacted document and proposed Order shall not contain the information the party contends is entitled to confidential treatment. The party seeking permission to file under seal shall submit to the Court’s generic chambers e-mail address (FFM_chambers@cacd.uscourts.gov) PDF versions of the Ex Parte Application, proposed Order, Declaration in Support of Ex Parte Application stating the reason for the under seal filing, and the document(s) and/or exhibit(s) the party seeks to file under seal. The party shall also submit a Word or WordPerfect version of the proposed Order to the generic chambers e-mail address.

Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, the submitting party shall deliver a Mandatory Chambers Copy of the Ex Parte Application, proposed Order, Declaration in Support of Ex Parte Application, redacted document, and the document(s) and/or exhibit(s) the party seeks to file under seal to the Court’s courtesy copy box located outside Room 1200 - Roybal Clerk's office no later than 12:00 p.m. on the following business day.

The Electronic Submission and filing of Under Seal Documents does not apply to in camera submissions.

To request a continuance of any scheduled court proceeding, parties should submit a signed stipulation and proposed order.

Counsel are not allowed to contact the judge's secretary or law clerk.

Inquiries regarding the status of a motion, stipulation or proposed order:

  • Counsel should check the docket sheet before inquiring of the court clerk. The Court discourages the practice of calling the court clerk.

Calendar conflicts: (Procedures for attorneys to follow if they have a calendar conflict)

  • Immediately advise the court clerk telephonically; attempt to secure other counsel's agreement to stipulate to a new date.

For general information on how to order a transcript of any reported or digitally recorded proceeding, please contact 213-894-3015 or visit the court website (www.cacd.uscourts.gov) section referring to Court Reporter/Recorder Transcripts. If you require an estimate of cost for the preparation of a transcript, contact the court reporter/recorder for the desired proceeding.

To determine the court reporter/recorder for a particular proceeding, go to the Court Reporter Schedule web page and click on View by Date. Once you've determined the correct court reporter/recorder for the desired session, click on Court Reporter Phone and Email List for contact information.

Other information:

  • Parties should contact court clerk about dates available for settlement conferences. The parties should comply with Local Rule 16-15. All settlement conference papers should be delivered directly to the Judge's chambers, Room 570, 5th floor Roybal Federal Building.  

Mandatory Chambers Copies: 

Pursuant to Local Rule 5-4.5, mandatory chambers copies are required for documents filed electronically and shall be delivered to Judge Mumm's drop box (outside Room 1200 - Roybal Clerk's Office) by noon on the day after filing.  Mandatory chambers copies must comply with Local Rule 11-3.

Electronic copies of proposed orders must be e-mailed to the court at ffm_chambers@cacd.uscourts.gov.  Proposed orders shall be in Microsoft Word or Wordperfect format.   

CRIMINAL E-FILING PILOT PROJECT REQUIREMENTS - In addition to General Order 17-02 and the Local Rules of the Central District of California, the following practices must be followed:  

1.  In accordance with General Rule 17-02, counsel are directed to email e-filed documents to: ffm_crimduty@cacd.uscourts.gov
2.  The agent is not to proceed to chambers unless the AUSA/agent has been informed by chamber's staff that documents have been reviewed.
3.  The agent MUST HAVE one copy of the documents containing the CM/ECF HEADER when he/she arrives at chambers.  Only one copy will be conformed for the agent.  NO COPIES WILL BE PRINTED FOR CONFORMING.   
4.  Supporting affidavits longer than twenty pages must be sent to chambers as far in advance as possible prior to the filing of the corresponding warrant.
5.  Please be sure the correct Judge's name and the correct date are on the documents.
6.  At least two lines of text must appear on the same page as Judge Mumm's signature line.
7.  Please email your documents to chambers after Criminal Intake has QC'd and approved your filing.

Orders & Additional Documents