CJA Duty Schedule Instructions

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CJA panel attorneys in all divisions are assigned to duty teams.  For every court day, at least one team is assigned to be on duty in each division.  Members of on-duty teams must be available to appear in court as needed or must make arrangements for coverage.  Team membership lists and duty calendars are available online in the court's CJA Duty Schedule application, and all panel members are responsible for keeping that information up-to-date.

I. Access to the Online CJA Duty Schedule

The online CJA Duty Schedule can be accessed at: http://court.cacd.uscourts.gov/cja.

II. User Name & Password

CJA Panel Attorneys must obtain a user name and password from the CJA Office in order to edit the CJA Duty Schedule.

III. Determining Availability

The attorneys on each CJA duty team must determine among themselves the order of availability for each assigned duty day and must update the CJA Duty Schedule with that information at least two court days before the duty day.  Clerk's Office staff will rely on this schedule on the duty day and will call team members in the order listed.

IV. Updating the CJA Duty Schedule

The CJA Duty Schedule must be updated no later than 7:00 am two business days before each duty day.  That means, for example, that for a Friday duty day, the CJA Duty Schedule must be updated before 7:00 am on Wednesday.  For a Monday duty day, updates must be made by 7:00 am the preceeding Thursday.  Instructions for updating the CJA Duty Schedule are as follows:

Calendar View Screen. When you first log in, you will see the calendar view page of the CJA Duty Schedule.  (See screenshot .)  This page will allow you to view the calendar for the entire month.  You may select the Western, Southern, or Eastern Division's calendar by selecting the division from the "calendar view" menu on the upper-left corner of the page.  Select a duty team by clicking once on the link for the on-duty team(s) listed on a specific duty date.

Duty Day Screen.  Clicking on one of the team links will take you to the CJA Panel Duty Day screen.  (See screenshot.)  On this screen the assigned attorneys will appear under the appropriate duty group.  To modify the call order of the duty attorneys to accurately reflect the agreed order of availability, click on the edit button in the middle-left side of the Web page. You will then be prompted to enter the user name and password given to you by the CJA Office and the duty day schedule will now be in "edit mode."

Edit Mode.  In this view, there is a box next to each group member listed.  Simply click in the corresponding box and enter the number of the attorney’s order of availability.  (See screenshot.)  Once the desired changes have been made to the call order, click on the submit button at the bottom left side of the Web page.

Close the Web page.  You have now updated the CJA Duty Schedule and satisfied your responsibility for notifying the Clerk’s Office of the call order for your duty day.

V. Judge Fischer's January 17, 2012 Duty Day Procedures Memorandum

Click here to view the memorandum.