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Online Training

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Links to several useful training videos are set forth below.  Please note that these videos were created using an earlier release of CM/ECF, so some of the screens and event names may appear slightly different in the videos than in the current version of CM/ECF.  Nonetheless, the videos can still provide useful guidance.  For training videos demonstrating the process of opening a case and filing a complaint or other case-initiating document electronically, please refer to Electronic Case Opening.

  • Overview Overview (Approx. 5 min.)
  • Module 1 Introduction to CM/ECF (Approx. 8 min.)
  • Module 2 Logging in to CM/ECF and Updating Attorney's Profile (Approx. 24 min.)
  • Module 3 Proof of Service Summons and Complaint (Approx. 26 min.)
  • Module 4 Notice of Manual Filing (Approx. 13 min.)
  • Module 5 Stipulation Extending Time to Answer (Approx. 13 min.)
  • Module 6 Answer to Complaint (Approx. 12 min.)
  • Module 7 Motion for Summary Judgment, Partial Summary Judgment with Proposed Order and Declaration in Support(Approx. 27 min.)
  • Module 8 Declaration (Motion Related) (Approx. 15 min.)
  • Module 9 Updating Attorney Profile (Approx. 15 min.)
  • Module 10 New Features of CM/ECF version 4.0
  • Pay.Gov Pay.Gov (Approx 15 min.)