Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a pro se litigant and I usually bring my documents to the courthouse to file in person – but I do have computer and internet access. Do I have options other than mail for submitting documents?

    Yes.  You may submit your documents to the Court electronically through the Electronic Document Submission System (“EDSS”).  You may also apply for permission to e-file documents directly into the Court’s Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (“CM/ECF”) System in a particular case.  For more information, see The courthouses are open and you may also submit documents to the clerk’s office intake windows.

  • For criminal duty matters conducted at the Roybal Courthouse, may a family member or member of the media attend the hearing?

    Yes. Everyone in the courtroom must follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent guidance regarding face coverings and masks.

  • Will in-person hearings be held in any civil or criminal matters?

    In-person hearings will be permitted in all matters at the discretion of the assigned judge. In civil matters, hearings by video or telephonic conference may continue to be held at the discretion of the assigned judge. Hearings by video or telephonic conference may continue to be held in certain criminal matters per Order of the Chief Judge No. 20-043 and Order of the Chief Judge No. 21-060, unless the findings and authorizations in the Orders are subsequently terminated. Criminal bench duty matters will be held by video or telephonic conference with the defendant’s consent and in-court absent consent through July 15, 2021. Effective July 16, 2021, all criminal bench duty matters will be held in-person.

  • Should we expect instructions from the court regarding telephone or video conferences for civil hearings during the COOP period, or does counsel need to make a request for civil hearings to proceed by telephone or video conference?

    Counsel will receive notice from the Court if the matter will go forward by video or telephonic conference.

  • I have received a jury summons. Do I need to respond?

    Yes, you must respond to your jury summons.  You must complete and submit a Juror Qualification Questionnaire within 10 days.  Please visit our website at

  • I have jury service scheduled; will I be required to report for jury service?

    Yes. The Court has resumed normal operations including jury trials.

  • I need to submit a pro hac vice application but am unable to obtain a certificates of good standing due to COVID-19. Are certificates of good standing still required for submitting pro hac vice applications?

    You should prepare a declaration that the court you need a certificate of good standing from is closed or is not issuing certificates of good standing due to COVID-19 and attach the declaration to your application.

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