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Technical PDF Related Questions

  • Why am I receiving an error message about embedded metadata? (using Adobe 10)

    How to remove hidden metadata in PDF documents with a single click.

    When docketing in CM/ECF using Mozilla Firefox, the system does not accept PDF documents with hidden metadata. Attempting to attach such documents would present the following error message: “ERROR: This document contains embedded links (annotations and/ or metadata). This PDF document cannot be accepted.” As a result, you must remove hidden metadata on PDF documents before uploading it in CM/ECF.

    There are many ways to remove hidden metadata on PDF documents. One method would be to “sanitize document.” The “sanitize document” removes sensitive information with a single click, including comments, metadata, links, form fields and more. Please note that the Federal Judiciary does not endorse or recommend any specific PDF software. However, as an illustration, for Adobe Acrobat version 10.1.3, follow these steps to sanitize a PDF document:

    1. Open the document in Adobe Acrobat

    2. Click View located on the menu bar

    3. Select Tools

    4. Select Protection

    5. Click Sanitize Document and a new window appears

    6. Rename the file and click Save

  • Why are my PDF documents blank when I print them?

    It's possible you will need to install a postscript print driver. These drivers are available from your printer manufacturer’s website.