Technical PDF Related Questions

  • How do you determine which version of Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer?

    Launch Acrobat Reader, select "Help" menu option, and select "About Acrobat Reader." If you are using version 5.0.5 or higher, you do not need to upgrade. If you are using version 4 or below, please visit Adobe's website at to download a free upgrade to the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

  • How do I make a PDF document?

    There are several ways in which you can get a document from a word processing program into the PDF format. The newer versions of some common word processors include the ability to publish a document to PDF built right into the word-processing software. In WordPerfect 9 and 10, you can click on File and then "Publish to PDF" to convert your WordPerfect file (.wpd) to PDF. MS-Word (up to version XP) does NOT have this capability). Adobe, the inventors of the PDF format, can be found at, where you can find both the free reader version of the software, which can be used to retrieve documents from CM/ECF, and the writer version, which can create documents for posting. When you've installed Acrobat, you can make PDF files right out of your word-processing software simply by "printing" the document, and selecting the "printer" called "Acrobat PDFWriter" from the drop down list of available printers. That process will actually save a file in PDF format, with a ".pdf" file extension, on your hard drive. There are many other vendors besides Adobe who provide software to create PDF documents. Please note that the Federal Judiciary does not endorse or recommend any specific PDF software. Since there are so many different applications, and we could not depict instructions for all, we have chosen to depict all our instructions with reference to Adobe.