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Application of Non-Resident Attorney to Appear in a Specific Case

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(1) The attorney seeking to appear pro hac vice must complete Section I of the "Application of Non-Resident Attorney to Appear in a Specific Case Pro Hac Vice" (Form G-64, below), personally sign, in ink, the certification in Section II of that form, and have the designated Local Counsel sign in Section III. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Space to supplement responses is provided in Section IV. The applicant must also attach a Certificate of Good Standing (issued within the last 30 days) from every state bar to which he or she is admitted; failure to do so will be grounds for denying the Application. Scan the completed Application with its original ink signature, together with any attachment(s), to a single Portable Document Format (PDF) file.
(2) Have the designated Local Counsel file the Application electronically (using the Court's CM/ECF System), attach a Proposed Order (using Form G-64 ORDER, below), and pay the required $500 fee online at the time of filing (using a credit card). The fee is required for each case in which the applicant files an Application. Failure to pay the fee at the time of filing will be grounds for denying the Application. Out-of-state federal government attorneys are not required to pay the $500 fee. (Certain attorneys for the United States are also exempt from the requirement of applying for pro hac vice status. See L.R. 83-2.1.4.)  As with any proposed order, Local Counsel should also email the Form G-64 Order to the generic chambers email address of the presiding judge.

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