Exhibit Tags (Plaintiff G-14A, Defendant G-14B & Joint G-14C)

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General Forms

Exhibit tag forms shall be prepared and placed on all exhibits for trial, Local Rule 16-6.4.

  1. Select plaintiff (G-14A) or defendant (G-14B) or Joint (G-14C) exhibit tag form.
  2. Enter the case number including the judge’s initials and short case title on any one of the exhibit tags on the form. This information automatically populates to all other exhibit tags on the form.
  3. Enter the exhibit number on each tag.
  4. Print plaintiff exhibit tags on yellow paper; defendant exhibit tags on blue paper. Cut the individual tags and secure exhibit tags to the corresponding exhibits. Alternatively, exhibit tags may be printed on yellow or blue self-adhesive paper. Labels are 2¼” x 2¼”.
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