Honorable Jacqueline Chooljian

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Magistrate Judge

Roybal Federal Building and United States Courthouse, 255 East Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90012, Courtroom 750, 7th Floor​

Law and Motion Schedule: 

​1. Civil motions and discovery motions are heard on TUESDAY at 9:30 a.m., in Courtroom 750 - 7th Floor of the Roybal Courthouse.

Judge's Procedures: 
  1. For general information on how to order a transcript of any reported or digitally recorded proceeding, please contact 213-894-3015 or visit the court website (www.cacd.uscourts.gov) section referring to Court Reporter/Recorder Transcripts. If you require an estimate of cost for the preparation of a transcript, contact the court reporter/recorder for the desired proceedings.
  2. To determine the court reporter/recorder for a particular proceeding, go to the Court Reporter Schedule web page and click on View by Date. Once you've determined the correct court reporter/recorder for the desired session, click on Court Reporter Phone and Email List for contact information.
  3. Under Seal Documents - Counsel are ordered to follow the procedures outlined in L.R. 79-5.2.2 for Civil Cases. The "Guide to Electronically Filing Under Seal Documents in Civil Cases" is attached below.
  4. Criminal E-Filing Procedures – In accordance with General Order 17-02, Criminal Duty Matters Electronic Filing Pilot Project, counsel are directed to email documents to: jc_crimduty@cacd.uscourts.gov. Once determined that the documents are in compliance, the Judicial Assistant (“JA”) will reply to the email confirming receipt and the Agent will be asked to report to chambers. If/when corrections need to be made, the JA/Judge will communicate with the agent or AUSA re same and may request the USAO to e-file and email an amended proposed version of the application/affidavit; or the judge may, at her discretion, interlineate changes or deny the document. If the judge denies a document the AUSA should re-file under a new case number and send another email to chambers once the new case is opened, attaching the new documents and the procedures will begin again. The Agent will bring the e-filed documents (with header) to chambers with him/her for signing.