Honorable Philip S. Gutierrez

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District Judge

First Street Courthouse, 350 West 1st Street, Courtroom 6A, 6th Floor​, Los Angeles, California 90012-4565

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  • Telephone: (669) 254-5252
  • Webinar ID: 161 205 9552
  • Passcode: 734987

Recording, copying, photographing and rebroadcasting of court proceedings is prohibited by federal law. A violation of this prohibition may result in sanctions, including suspension of your license to practice before this court, referral to the state bar, denial of the right to appear by video or telephonically at future proceedings, criminal prosecution, contempt, denial of admission to future hearings, and any other sanctions deemed necessary by the Court.


Law and Motion Schedule: 

Civil motions are heard on Friday at 1:30 p.m.

Criminal motions are heard on Friday at 10:00 a.m.

Civil and criminal trials are held on Thursday at 9:00 a.m. Monday through Thursday.
Motions In Limine are heard on the first day of trial at 9:00 a.m.  Please review the attached orders regarding court or jury trials. These orders contain information regarding trial pleadings.

Motion dates are not reserved. Accordingly, parties are instructed to review the Closed Motion Dates before electronically filing a motion.

If Friday is a holiday, please select the next available Friday.

Calendar conflicts should be immediately brought to the attention of the Court Clerk by email.  Please include the name of the judge and the conflicting time.

Judge's Procedures: 
Please see the attached Initial Standing Order for detailed procedures regarding cases assigned to Judge Gutierrez.
Discovery motions are to be calendared before the assigned magistrate judge. Discovery proposed stipulations and protective orders are to be properly referenced before the assigned magistrate judge. 
Counsel shall electronically file a stipulation and proposed order if they are seeking a hearing continuance or an extension of time.  A mandatory chambers copy of the application shall be hand delivered to the Judge's mail box outside the Clerk's Office on the 4th floor pursuant to LR 5-4.5. 
Electronic equipment is not allowed into the courtroom, without first obtaining the Court's approval by stipulation and proposed order. 
Inquiries regarding the status on a motion, stipulation, or proposed order are not handled telephonically.  Parties may review the Court's docket via PACER, in order to obtain updated case information. 
The court’s CM/ECF system is available 24/7 for electronic filing of documents. Parties may register for access to PACER. For more information, please return to the homepage and click the E-Filing column.
Unrepresented litigants who cannot electronically file their documents in the CM/ECF system may mail their filings to the Clerk of Court at 255 E. Temple Street, Suite TS-134, Los Angeles, CA 90012-3332 or submit documents for filing through the court’s Electronic Document Submission System (EDSS).  For additional filing information, please return to the homepage, scroll down to the box labeled People without Lawyers, and click Questions and Answers.
Attorneys who are required to manually file documents pursuant to the local rules must mail their filings to the Clerk of Court at the above address.
Non-paper physical exhibits or other exhibits exempted from electronically filing shall be sent via U.S. Mail or other commercial delivery to the Clerk of Court at the above address.
If counsel has received a a "Notice to Parties of Court-Directed ADR Program" (form ADR-08), the Court will presumptively refer the case to the Court Mediation Panel or to private mediation at the time of the initial scheduling conference. See General order 11-10, § 5.1. Counsel are directed to furnish and discuss this Notice with their clients in preparation for the parties' Fed.R.Civ.P. 26(f) conference. Counsel should include their shared or separate views regarding a preference for the Court Mediation Panel or private mediation, and when the mediation should occur, in the written report required by Fed.R.Civ.P. 26(f) and Civil L.R. 26-1. A settlement conference with a magistrate judge is generally not available for cases in the Court-Directed ADR Program. See Civil L.R.26-1(c). For information about the Court's ADR Program, please see General Order 11-10 which is located in the "General Orders" section on the home page and in the a "ADR" page of the Court's website.
Voluminous Trial Materials & Exhibits:
Arrangements for bringing voluminous trial materials or exhibits into the Courtroom through the Building Vehicle Loading Dock (if required) may be made through the Space & Facilities (S&F) Help Desk, at 213.894.1400. Before contacting S&F for a required building security pass, prior approval of delivery time must be coordinated with the Courtroom Deputy Clerk to Judge Gutierrez. Once approval from the Clerk is received, logistical delivery information must be provided to S&F with adequate notice (at least one day) to create and issue required building security pass. Counsel and messengers who attempt to access building parking and loading dock without required pass will be denied entry and must utilize public entrances, located on Main St., Spring St. or Temple St. (Roybal Building).
​Digital tags are now available on the Court's website under Court Forms>General Forms>Form G14A(plaintiff) and G14B(defendant).  Digital exhibit tags may be used iin place of the tags obtained from the Clerk's Office.
To obtain a transcript of any reported proceeding, please contact the court reporter by reviewing the hearing date on the docket and selecting Clerk Services>Court Reporting Services.  Once you have determined the correct court reporter for the desired hearing, select Court Reporter Phone and Email List.
To obtain the services of a court-certified interpreter on a civil case, please select Clerk Services>Interpreter Services.