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In addition to containing information about specific cases filed with the Court, the Central District of California’s Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (“CM/ECF”) System also contains information about the status of attorneys authorized to practice before the Court.  The form below will allow you to search this information without logging in to CM/ECF; just enter the name or California State Bar number of the attorney whose status you wish to check.  The search results should display matching records for all attorneys currently authorized to appear before the Central District of California.

There are many possible reasons why an attorney’s name may not appear in the search results.  For additional information, or if you believe that the search results are not accurate, please contact the Court’s Attorney Admissions department at

Note that the Court’s local rules require attorneys admitted to practice before the Court to keep their contact information up to date.  Please refer to the Attorney Information page on the Court’s website ( for instructions on how to do so.


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