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Things to Know Before Contacting the Court

What services have been moved to the new courthouse?

Please click here for information regarding the locations of services in the Western Division. 

Do You Have a Question About E-Filing?

If you have questions about e-filing a document with the court, please click here for information on how to reach the CM/ECF Helpdesk. 

Do You Need to Schedule a Hearing?

For information about scheduling a hearing or noticing a motion in the Central District, please click here.

Do You Have a Question About a Pending Case?

Questions specific to a pending case should be directed to the assigned judge’s courtroom deputy clerk. Please review the Procedures and Schedules page for your judge prior to contacting the courtroom deputy. In addition to providing answers to many of your questions, each judge’s Procedures and Schedules page provides contact information, and any preferred contact method, for his or her courtroom deputy.

Do you have a question about jury duty?

If you have questions about jury duty, please click here for information on how to reach the jury department. Please do not call other court departments as they won't be able to assist you.

Other Questions

Please review the list of links at the left of this page to see if your question may be best addressed to a particular department. If not, please call one of the numbers listed below, or use the “Contact the Court” form, below, to send an email to the Court.

Western Division, Los Angeles

Main Information: (213) 894-1565
Civil Intake:  (213) 894-3535
Criminal Intake: (213) 894-8288

Eastern Division, Riverside

All Inquiries: (951) 328-4450

Southern Division, Santa Ana

All Inquiries: (714) 338-4750


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