Subsistence Information / Hotels

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In addition to regular jury payment, if you live over 80 miles (one-way) from the District Court you are entitled to a subsistence fee to cover the cost of lodging, parking fee charged by the hotel, and meals.

Western Division

The subsistence fee for the Western Division is $150.00 per day.

See hotel information for Western Division.

Eastern Division

The subsistence fees for the Eastern Division are seasonal:

  • January 1 to May 31: $123.00
  • June 1 to August 31:  $92.00
  • September 1 to December 31: $123.00

See hotel information for Eastern Division.

When you return home, you are entitled to a miscellaneous travel expense fee of $64.00.

As a juror on subsistence, please remember that:

  • Rooms are subject to availability. Make your own reservation and ask for the government rate.
  • Come prepared to stay at least 4 days. If not selected as a juror, you will be excused from jury service, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Check out of your room on the morning you report for jury service. Advise the hotel clerk that you are on Federal Jury Service and do not know if you will be selected to hear a case, then make arrangements to ensure that the room will be available if your stay is prolonged.
  • Be prepared to pay the hotel bill. You will receive a check approximately one week after your appearance. Hotel receipts are required.
  • Please refer to the map and list of hotels below.

Jurors who appear and are granted an excuse or postponement are not entitled to any compensation.