Requesting an Excuse

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All requests to be excused from jury service must be submitted in writing.

Prior Jury Service

This excuse is for those people who have actually heard testimony. Please fax proof of your prior jury service to 213-894-3751 or e-mail it to If you participated in the jury selection process but were not selected, you cannot claim this excuse.

Child Care / Care of a Dependent

If you are requesting to be excused because you have an obligation to care for children, the elderly, or other dependents and you are unable to engage in full-time employment outside your home, please provide an explanation regarding your work arrangements, the type of care you provide, include the ages of those for whom you care for.


If you are claiming a hardship because you live 80 miles or more (one-way) from the court, you must explain your hardship and why staying overnight at the court’s expense would not relieve that hardship. Provide this information in the “Requesting an Excuse” section.  

Volunteer Safety Personnel

If you are requesting to be excused because you serve without compensation for a public agency as a firefighter, a member of a rescue squad, or a member of an ambulance crew, please provide this information in the “Requesting an Excuse” section.

Financial / Business / Employment Hardship

If you are requesting to be excused because of business, employment, or financial hardship, you must provide the following information. If you do not answer all the questions in full, your request will likely be denied. If you do not submit this information and later request to be excused on account of financial hardship, your request will likely be denied unless new circumstances have arisen in the interim.

  1. Employer’s Name:
  2. Occupation or job title:
  3. Number of employees who work for the company and number in your department or unit:
  4. Number of days paid for jury service (i.e., confirm with your employer the maximum number of days of jury service that will be paid by the employer):
  5. Number of people living in your household (provide ages):
  6. Number of people in your household who are employed:
  7. Total monthly income from all sources:
  8. Total monthly expenses:
  9. Additional facts to further explain your situation: