Filing Procedures

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This section includes common civil and criminal filing procedures for the Central District of California. These procedures may differ from court procedures in other districts; therefore, all litigants are encouraged to review the information provided by this section before proceeding in the Central District. If a specific procedure is not listed in this section, consult the Court’s Local Rules and General Orders.

Pursuant to Local Rule 5-4.1 and Local Criminal Rule 49-1.1, electronic filing is mandatory in all civil and criminal cases in the Central District of California. All documents must be filed electronically unless exempted by Local Rule 5-4.2 or Local Criminal Rule 49-1.2. For information about electronic filing procedures, please visit the e-filing section.

If it is anticipated that an application for a TRO will be filed outside normal business hours, the filer must notify the courtroom deputy for the assigned judge in advance, during normal business hours. If an after-hours application for a TRO is or will be filed before a judge is assigned to the case and relief sought must be addressed before the next business day, the filer should contact the U.S. Marshals Command Center at 213-620-7676. Failure to notify the court as directed may delay judicial action.