Attorney Discipline

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Every attorney admitted to practice before this Court, whether as a member of the Bar of this Court or pro hac vice in a particular case, must comply with the standards of professional conduct set forth in Local Rule 83-3.1.2. Any violation of those standards may be the basis for the imposition of discipline. Complaints that an attorney has violated these standards should be directed to the Court’s Standing Committee on Discipline. (L.R. 83-3.1.1, 83-3.1.4.) The discipline imposed may include disbarment, suspension, reproval, monetary penalties, acceptance of resignation, or admonition. (L.R. 83-3.1.3.) The Court may also impose discipline on an attorney who has been disbarred or suspended from the practice of law in another jurisdiction, has resigned from practice from the bar of another jurisdiction while charges were pending, or who has been convicted of a crime. (Local Rules 83-3.2 and 83-3.3.)