Exceptions to Electronic Filing

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Pursuant to Local Rule 5-4.2 and Local Criminal Rule 49-1.2, the following documents may not be filed electronically, and must instead be presented to the Clerk for filing or lodging in paper format:

  • Documents filed by pro se litigants (i.e., people without lawyers - click here for more information)
  • Documents filed under seal or in camera (as well as applications and proposed orders to seal or file in camera)
  • Documents filed in criminal duty matters before a case is assigned to a district judge, including applications for:
    • pen registers
    • search warrants
    • seizure warrants
    • arrest warrants
    • wiretaps
    • cell site information
    • tracking services
  • Bond-related documents

The following documents may not be filed electronically, but must also be submitted in PDF format after they have been filed with the Clerk in paper format:

  • Initial papers commencing any action or adding claims to any action, including:
    • Complaints
    • Indictments
    • Informations
    • Notices of removal
    • Third-party complaints
    • Counterclaims
    • Crossclaims
    • Complaints in intervention
    • Consolidated complaints
    • Joinders in complaints
    • Interpleaders
    • Claims
    • Verified claims
    • Abstracts of judgments
    • Registrations of judgments
  • Amendments to any of the documents listed above (INCLUDING AMENDED COMPLAINTS)
  • Any first appearance document filed by a third party or non-party to the case
  • Documents filed simultaneously with civil case initiating documents that request emergency relief

The following documents may, but are not required to be, filed electronically:

  • Records for bankruptcy appeals, habeas corpus proceedings, and administrative review cases (such as Social Security appeals and ERISA and IDEA cases).