Criminal Duty Matters

Effective November 2, 2020, as part of a pilot project established by General Order No. 17-02 and expanded by General Order Nos. 19-01 and 20-13, the Court will require that certain types of criminal duty matters be filed electronically in the Court’s Case Management/Electronic Case Filing ("CM/ECF") System. After that date, all documents filed by the United States Attorney's Office ("USAO") in criminal duty matters must be filed electronically except:

  • Complaints and other charging documents;
  • Affidavits re: Out-of-District Arrest Warrants filed under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 5(c)(3);
  • Documents filed concurrently with such charging documents or affidavits; and
  • All Central Violations Bureau ("CVB") matters.

Details regarding the pilot project can be found in the following documentation: