Voluntary Consent to Magistrate Judges

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Introduction to the Program

As provided in General Order No. 18-11, parties may consent to proceed before any available Magistrate Judge whose name appears on this “Voluntary Consent List” to conduct all further proceedings in the case pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 636(c) and Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 73. To confirm a particular Magistrate Judge's ability to schedule the trial in the time frame desired by the parties and/or willingness to accommodate any other special requests of the parties, please contact that Magistrate Judge's Courtroom Deputy prior to attaching Form CV-11D (Statement of Consent to Proceed Before a United States Magistrate Judge) to a Notice of Lodging of Consent Form, which shall be e-filed as required by Local Rule 5-4.4 as a proposed document.

Note: The parties shall complete form CV-11D, save it and attach it to a Notice of Lodging of Consent Form, which shall be e-filed as required by Local Rule 5-4.1 as a proposed document. Additionally, the form shall be electronically submitted to the District Judge's chambers' e-mail box via Proposed Orders under UTILITIES in CM/ECF.

The following Magistrate Judges are currently available for consent cases.

Consent List Magistrate Judges Courtroom Deputy / Telephone Number
Maria A. Audero (MAA) Narissa Naval-Estrada / 213-894-2554
Pedro V. Castillo (PVC) Marlene Ramirez / 213-894-3598
Stephanie Christensen (SSC) Teagan Snyder / 213-894-3457
Patricia Donahue (PD) Isabel Verduzco / 213-894-8958
John D. Early (JDE) Maria Barr / 714-338-4756
Shashi H. Kewalramani (SHK) Danalyn Castellanos Cisneros / 951-328-4466
Steve Kim (SK) Connie Chung / 213-894-4436
Douglas F. McCormick (DFM) Nancy Boehme / 714-338-4755
Brianna Fuller Mircheff (BFM) Christianna Howard / 213-894-7103
Rozella Oliver (RAO) James Munoz / 213-894-1831
Sheri Pym (SP) Kimberly I. Carter / 951-328-4467
Margo A. Rocconi (MAR) Valerie Velasco / 213-894-3589
Alka Sagar (AS) Alma Felix / 213-894-1587
Karen E. Scott (KES) Jazmin Dorado / 714-338-3960
Autumn D. Spaeth (ADS) Kristee Hopkins / 714-338-4776
Karen L. Stevenson (KS) Gay Roberson / 213-894-3922