E-Filing Case Related Questions

  • When a user files a pleading or other document with the court, does the system automatically serve the other parties or does the user have to do something extra to serve the others? And, do the other parties just get notification or the actual document?

    When a document is e-filed though CM/ECF, a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) is automatically generated and e-mailed to the registered attorneys of record for parties in the case who have consented to receive electronic service. The NEF includes the text of the docket entry, the unique electronic document stamp, a list of the case participants receiving e-mail notification of the filing, and hyperlink to the document(s) filed.

    Non-registered attorneys, attorneys who have not consented to receive electronic service and pro se/pro per parties will still need to be served in the conventional method through postal mail, personal service or fax. A traditional proof of service is required for all traditionally served pleadings/documents.

  • Are there procedural rules relating to electronic filing?

    Yes.  These are set forth in the Court's local rules, in particular Local Civil Rule 5-4 and Local Criminal Rule 49-1.