E-Filing Case Related Questions

  • Are there any non-civil case initiating documents other than those referenced in General Order 10-07 that should be traditionally filed?

    Yes. Abstract of judgment; registration of judgment; bond-related documents.

  • Why can't I see PDF documents that have been filed in criminal or social security cases through the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) e-mail?

    Access to the PDF document may be restricted in these case types for the following reasons:

    • Pursuant to the E-Government Act of 2002, only the attorneys of record in a Social Security case may view PDF documents - counsel of record must login to CM/ECF then into PACER in order to view the documents; these documents are available for public viewing from the public computer terminals in the Clerk’s Office attorneys.
    • The document may have been filed prior to the Court becoming a full e-filing court. Check to see if there’s a link (a line) under the document control number. If not, most likely, the case was not subject to electronic filing when the document was filed. Those documents are available at the courthouse Records Section in the traditional manner.