E-Filing Case Related Questions

  • Can you please tell me what the deadline is for e-filing in California USDC? I first understood you could e-file up until 12:00 midnight , but I've also heard the deadline is closer to 6:00 pm or even 4:00 pm.

    Filing documents electronically does not alter any filing deadlines set by Court Order. Unless otherwise ordered by the assigned judge, all electronic transmissions of documents must be completed (i.e., received completely by the Clerk’s Office) prior to midnight Pacific Standard Time or Pacific Daylight Time, whichever is in effect at the time, in order to be considered timely filed on that day. Where a specific time of day deadline is set by court order or stipulation, the electronic filing shall be completed by that time. Check the judge’s initial scheduling order or e-filing order to see if that particular judge has an e-filing deadline or allows e-filing on holidays.

  • How do can I easily find an events category in CM/ECF?

    After logging into CM/ECF, click on the Search link on the blue menu bar.The Search screen will appear. Type in the event and click on ‘search’. If you are not sure the exact name of the event, type in a part of the name: i.e.: Summary Judgment, Declaration, Opposition. All the events which include that information will be displayed.

    The events in the search results will be a link directly to that event. So just click on the one you want and you can begin e-filing.

    You can also hover your mouse over each menu item on the blue menu bar and look at a drop-down and view each categories within each menu item and then the subcategories. Select the subcategory you need and start e-filing.