Technical CM/ECF Related Questions

  • Do attorneys have access to personally change or add secondary e-mail addresses?

    Yes, attorneys have access to Maintain Your Address, Maintain Your E-Mail and Maintain Your Login. According to Local Rule 83.2-4, the changes must be made within 5 days of the actual change and attorneys still have the obligation of serving notice of any change on opposing counsel or co-counsel in all effected cases.

    The Court encourages counsel to make the changes immediately in the CM/ECF system to avoid any disruption of service of the Notices of Electronic Filing.

  • Does the Court allow an attorney registering for ECF training to include a "secondary email address"? If so, how many secondary e-mail addresses are permitted?

    Yes, After an attorney has registered and is an ECF user, the attorney may add secondary e-mail addresses to his/her user record by logging into CM/ECF, selecting Utilities (on the blue menu bar), Maintain Your E-Mail Address and adding secondary e-mail addresses. The Court encourages attorneys to not add more than two secondary e-mail addresses.

  • Which browsers are not compatible/not supported with CM/ECF?

    The following Internet Browsers either have not been tested or do not work with CM/ECF and therefore the Court does not support them:

    • Internet Explorer 5.0 or lower
    • Netscape (any version)
    • AOL Browsers
    • MSN Browser
    • Safari
  • Why is my CM/ECF session freezing?

    There are several issues that may cause your CM session to freeze:

    • If you are accessing CM/ECF through a DSL or dial-up connection, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be having issues and you are no longer connected.
    • Check the Court's  Website for announcements regarding CM/ECF issues. If no announced issues, wait for a few minutes and try e-filing again.
    • If you find your session freezing after you have hit "NEXT", try using the Back button to return to the previous screen and click on NEXT again. The freezing can be due to a halt in the session which is common m behavior for web-based applications
    • If you click on the Back button and "receive a page cannot be displayed error message" ; click on the Back button once more.  The error means that your document has not been attached and you'll need to reattach your documents. It maybe better to start over; so the issue does not happen again .
    • If the freezing appears after clicking on the "SUBMIT" button, please be patient. If you have a large document, it will take time for the system to upload it into CM. If the NEF is not displayed after several minutes, check the case docket sheet to see if the document (s) was filed successfully. If the document(s) were NOT successfully filed call the ECF Help Desk for assistance and DO NOT RE-FILE the documents.
  • How do I know if my electronic filing was successful?

    The last screen you see when you electronically file a document is a copy of the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF). If you see the NEF, you know that your filing was successful. Another way to verify your filing is to view a copy of the case docket. If you do this, PACER fees may be incurred.

  • Why can I not view a document from an e-mail (NEF)notifying me that something was filed?

    Make sure your email system is set to open links with the Internet Browser or Firefox browser (depending on your default browser). If you get a login screen when you click on the document hyperlink from within the NEF, make sure you enter your ECF User login not your PACER login.

    If someone else, who is authorized to use your ECF User login, has already viewed the document, your one free look will have expired and you will need to login to PACER and are subject to PACER fees.

    The first time a document is viewed using the linked document in an e-mail notice (NEF), it will be free. Anytime after the first viewing, you will be charged to view the document. The document should be saved to your local hard drive during your first view. If you have given your login information to staff, the first one to view the document using your login information gets the free look. After that PACER charges are incurred.

  • What kind of notification does the attorney of record receive on a case?

    All registered CM/ECF users will receive an email notification, Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF), of all filings, which includes a hyperlink to the document. Participants who are not registered must be mailed a copy of the filing by the attorney filing electronically.hese notices can be received in either Summary or Individual format.