Technical CM/ECF Related Questions

  • In the event the documents are not displayed on the docket sheet; then go through the e-filing process again.

    If the docket entry appears on the docket sheet but there’s no silver ball next to the document, it means the Notice of Electronic Filing was not created and counsel were not served with the docuemnt. Refile the document(s) as "Amended" or "Corrected" documents and link to the document which was not served.

  • Which browsers work with CM/ECF?

    The following internet browsers have been tested and approved for use with CM/ECF:

    • Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher
    • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and higher
  • What hardware and software will attorneys need to participate in CM/ECF?

    Visit our Software and Hardware requirements page for details.

  • I have logged into CM/ECF but I do not get all of the docket entries on the Docket Sheet. Why is that happening?

    Make sure that the Filed/Entered Dates on the report criteria selection screen cover the appropriate dates.

    The cache on your computer may be full. Cache is a location on your hard drive but your browser where data is stored. When you search the Internet, your browser keeps track of every page you have visited and saves this information on your hard drive. If this file becomes large (i.e., many pages have been searched), the result may be a loss of data. Clear your cache and Internet files from whichever browser you are using.

  • How can I learn who has consented to e-service in a case and who has not?

    Login to CM/EC, click on Utilities, then click on Mailings. Next, click on Mailing Info for a Case. Enter the case number and click on Submit.

  • Is there anything that Macintosh Users need to be aware of in filing documents?

    CM/ECF was not developed for use on a MAC and the court does not support Safari.

    Make sure the files have extensions on the end of the file name (.pdf, .doc, .wpd, .txt, etc.). The file name "MOTION" will not work for the CM/ECF system but " MOTION.PDF" will work.

  • How do I file an Audio recording or non-paper document?

    Please refer to Local Rule 11-5.1, Non-Paper Physical Exhibits