Technical CM/ECF Related Questions

  • Is there anything that Macintosh Users need to be aware of in filing documents?

    CM/ECF was not developed for use on a MAC and the court does not support Safari.

    Make sure the files have extensions on the end of the file name (.pdf, .doc, .wpd, .txt, etc.). The file name "MOTION" will not work for the CM/ECF system but " MOTION.PDF" will work.

  • Why doesn't the Search menu in CM/ECF work?
    Some browsers, such as Google Chrome, do not support the Search menu function.
    If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11, you may activate this feature by following these steps:
    1. Log in to CM/ECF for e-filing
    2. Click on the Tools menu
    3. Select "Compatibility View Settings"
    4. In the pop-up window, click on the "Add" button to have the CM/ECF site added to Compatibility View
    5. Close the pop-up window
    The Search menu should now be activated.  If you still encounter issues, please contact your IT department.
  • Are there any special instructions regarding AOL users?

    The AOL internet connection will work for CM/ECF, but the AOL provided browser is not supported. In addition, the AOL spam blocking software has been known to block e-mails from court sites.

  • Why is my CM/ECF session freezing?

    There are several issues that may cause your CM session to freeze:

    • If you are accessing CM/ECF through a DSL or dial-up connection, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be having issues and you are no longer connected.
    • Check the Court's  Website for announcements regarding CM/ECF issues. If no announced issues, wait for a few minutes and try e-filing again.
    • If you find your session freezing after you have hit "NEXT", try using the Back button to return to the previous screen and click on NEXT again. The freezing can be due to a halt in the session which is common m behavior for web-based applications
    • If you click on the Back button and "receive a page cannot be displayed error message" ; click on the Back button once more.  The error means that your document has not been attached and you'll need to reattach your documents. It maybe better to start over; so the issue does not happen again .
    • If the freezing appears after clicking on the "SUBMIT" button, please be patient. If you have a large document, it will take time for the system to upload it into CM. If the NEF is not displayed after several minutes, check the case docket sheet to see if the document (s) was filed successfully. If the document(s) were NOT successfully filed call the ECF Help Desk for assistance and DO NOT RE-FILE the documents.
  • Why do I receive a "Data Missing" error when I try to print reports from CM/ECF?

    If you are using Internet Explorer and Windows XP with Service Pack 2, you may be having a problem downloading the "data only" format of the cases report. Two options are recommended to work around the problem.

    • Use Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox. The report will download correctly using any one of these browsers; or
    • Delete the Windows XP registered file type for .txt files. To delete the registered file type in Windows XP, use the following steps:
    1. Double click "My Computer"
    2. Go to Tools, Folder options
    3. Click "File Types"
    4. Find the "TXT" file type from the list and click on it
    5. Click Delete
    6. When the confirmation box is displayed, click Yes
    7. Click "OK" to close the File Options box
  • How do I know if my electronic filing was successful?

    The last screen you see when you electronically file a document is a copy of the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF). If you see the NEF, you know that your filing was successful. Another way to verify your filing is to view a copy of the case docket. If you do this, PACER fees may be incurred.

  • What does Page Not Available mean when I use the back button during an e-filing session?

    The "Page Not Available" message means that your document has been dropped from the docket entry and must be reattached. It is usually best to just start over by clicking on the Civil or Criminal Menu. However, you can just use the back button until a CM/ECF e-filing screen appears then continue your e-filing by reattaching your document(s) to the docket entry.