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What information is required on address label when mailing a mandatory chambers copy of an electronically filed document via Federal Express or other overnight delivery service to Judges who require a mandatory chambers copy delivered to their Chambers?

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The following information must be included. Do NOT address the package to "Clerk's Office" as this will delay delivery to the judge.

U. S. District Court
Chambers of Judge ___________________
Courthouse Address and Room Number*
City, State, Zip Code

U. S. District Court
Chambers of Judge John Smith
255 East Temple Street, Suite 1234
Los Angeles, CA 90012

*Courthouse addresses and room numbers for the judges chambers are available on the Judges' Procedures and Schedules page. Do not use the courtroom number.

Other requirements:
Check the box FedEx Priority Overnight to ensure package is delivered the next business morning.
Check the box "No Signature Required" under Residential Delilvery Signature Options.