Honorable Dale S. Fischer

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District Judge

​First Street Courthouse, 350 West 1st Street, Courtroom 7D, Los Angeles, California

Law and Motion Schedule: 

Civil motions are heard on Mondays at 1:30 p.m.
Criminal motions are heard on Mondays at 8:30 a.m.
If Monday is a holiday, the next motion date is the following Monday.It is not necessary to clear a motion date with the Courtroom Deputy Clerk (CRD) before filing the motion.

Judge's Procedures: 
  1. The Court is unlikely to agree to a telephonic appearance in the absence of extraordinary circumstances preventing counsel from appearing in person.
  2. All discovery motions and stipulations, including those relating to protective orders, are to be calendared before the assigned magistrate judge.
  3. If counsel has a conflicting appearance in the court of a more senior district judge, counsel must email the CRD indicating the time of the appearance, the case name, and the name of the other judge. On the day of the appearance, if possible, ask the other judge’s CRD to update Judge Fischer’s CRD as to when counsel is likely to be released from the other judge’s courtroom. If counsel will be late or cannot make a court appearance for any other reason, good cause must be shown.
  4. The Court does not issue tentative rulings.
  5. Mandatory Chambers Copies of all filed papers must be received by the Court no later than noon the day after filing. No deliveries will be accepted that require a signature.
  6. Proposed orders must include Judge Fischer’s correct name and title: Dale S. Fischer, United States District Judge. Orders with an incorrect spelling or title will not be signed.
  7. CRIMINAL UNDER SEAL FILINGS ONLY:  Please refer to the pilot program procedures linked below for detailed instructions for submission of sealed documents.
  8. Inquiries regarding the status of submitted motions, stipulations, or proposed orders will not be responded to unless the matter has been pending for more than 90 days. If a stipulation has not been acted on by the Court, counsel should confirm that they have complied with all relevant Local Rules and this Court’s Standing Order (e.g., delivery of electronic documents to the chambers inbox, delivery of mandatory chambers copies).
  9. Counsel should not contact chambers staff unless responding to an inquiry initiated by chambers staff.
  10. Judge Fischer posts law clerk positions on OSCAR (oscar.uscourts.gov). If Judge Fischer is considering applications, an open position will be listed there. Please do not contact chambers or the judge’s CRD to inquire about the availability of open law clerk positions.
  11. Neither Judge Fischer nor her CRD will respond to requests from the media. Media should refer to the Central District website for information and instructions on how to communicate with the Court.
  12. For information about transcripts, interpreter services, or use of court technology, please see the Central District website. In a civil case, it is counsel’s responsibility to arrange for the services of an interpreter.
  13. Counsel should contact the CRD in advance to request leave to bring electronic equipment into the courtroom and to receive instructions on how to obtain proper permission from the U.S. Marshals Service to do so.
  14. Information regarding use of the Court’s own courtroom technology is available on the Court’s website or by contacting the Courtroom Technology Help Desk at 213-894-3061.