Honorable John W. Holcomb

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District Judge

Ronald Reagan Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse 
411 W. 4th Street, Santa Ana, California 92701-4516, Courtroom 9D, 9th Floor​​​​​​​​​​​

Law and Motion Schedule: 
​​Beginning March 1, 2023, ALL hearings will be conducted IN PERSON in Courtroom 9D.
Civil matters are heard on Fridays at 9:00 a.m. 
Criminal matters are heard on Fridays at 2:00 p.m. 
(If Friday is a holiday, the next motion date is the following Friday.) 
It is not necessary to clear a hearing date with the Courtroom Deputy Clerk before filing a motion. ​​​

Judge's Procedures: 
  • Discovery Motions: Discovery motions shall be calendared before the Magistrate Judge assigned to the case.
  • Tentative Rulings: The Court does not typically issue tentative rulings.
  • Mandatory Chambers Copies: All original filings are to be filed electronically pursuant to Local Rule 5-4. The Court requires one (1) Mandatory Chambers Copy of ONLY the following filed documents:
      • Civil matters: Motions and related documents (e.g. opposition, replies, exhibits); ex parte applications and related documents (e.g. oppositions and exhibits); and Joint Rule 26(f) reports.
      • Criminal matters: All motions and related documents and exhibits; plea agreements(s); and sentencing memorandum and objections to the pre-sentence reports.
  • Ex Parte Applic​ations: The Court directs Counsel’s attention to L.R. 7-19. The Court considers ex parte applications on the papers. Accordingly, Counsel need not set ex parte applications for a hearing date. The other parties’ opposition, or notice of non-opposition (which notice may be provided telephonically to the Courtroom Deputy Clerk), to an ex parte application is due 24 hours after the other parties’ receipt of the ex parte application.
  • Continuances: Continuances of hearings, and other requests for alternate scheduling, must be approved by the Court, and they will be granted only upon a showing of good cause. Counsel must make such requests in pleading form by filing a stipulation and lodging a Proposed Order at least one week in advance of the scheduled hearing. The Court directs Counsel’s attention to L.R. 7-1 and L.R. 7-11 for the proper format. Proposed orders shall also be emailed in Word format to JWH_Chambers@cacd.uscourts.gov.
  • Communications with the Court: All inquiries are to be made through the Courtroom Deputy Clerk. Unless explicitly requested to do so, Counsel shall not attempt to contact the Court or its other staff by telephone or by any other ex parte means. Counsel shall not contact Court personnel to inquire about the status of a motion, stipulation, or proposed order. If a calendar conflict arises, Counsel shall notify the Courtroom Deputy Clerk prior to the date of the conflict.
  • Outside Equipment: Counsel shall request permission through the Courtroom Deputy Clerk before bringing or using any audio, video, or electronic equipment in the courtroom.
  • Transcripts: For general information on ordering a transcript of any reported or digitally recorded proceeding, please call 213-894-3015 or visit the Court’s website (www.cacd.uscourts.gov) and refer to the section on Court Reporter/Recorder Transcripts. To obtain an estimate of the cost for the preparation of a transcript, please contact the court reporter/recorder for the proceeding. To determine the court reporter/recorder for a particular proceeding, please refer to the Court Reporter Schedule web page and click on View by Date. Then click on Court Reporter Phone and Email list for contact information.
  • Interpreters: Counsel in civil cases must obtain the services of an interpreter, if one is needed.
  • Telephonic and Video Appearances: The Court does not conduct telephonic or video hearings.  All appearances will be made in person in Courtroom 9D of the United States District Court for the Central District of California, located at 411 W. 4th Street, Santa Ana, California.
  • Notice Regarding Electronic Document Submission System for People Without Lawyers. People who are not represented by attorneys may now submit documents for filing through the Court's Electronic Document Submission System ("EDSS") instead of mailing or bringing documents to the Clerk's Office. EDSS is not the same as filing documents electronically in the Court's CM/ECF System. Registration is not required to use EDSS and you do not need a PACER account; only internet access and an e-mail address are required. Attorneys may not use EDSS to submit documents on behalf of their clients. To access EDSS and for additional information, visit the Court's website at https://apps.cacd.uscourts.gov/edss.
  • ​​​​​