Amended Local Rules Effective December 1, 2013

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The Local Civil Rules, Local Criminal Rules, and Local Rules Governing Bankruptcy Appeals, Cases, and Proceedings that are listed below have been amended, effective December 1, 2013. The amended rules are available on the Court’s website and accompany the electronic version of this notice.

Amended Local Civil Rules:

  • 3-2 [Filing of Initiating Documents]
  • 5-4.3.3 [Hyperlinks]
  • 5.2-1 [Redaction]
  • 6-1 [Notice and Service of Motion]
  • 11-3 [Documents Presented to the Court – Form and Format]
  • 32-1 [Use (of Depositions) at Trial or on a Motion]
  • 83- [Who May Appear]

Amended Local Criminal Rules:

  • 49.1-1 [Redaction]

Amended Local Rules Governing Bankruptcy Appeals, Cases, and Proceedings:

  • 4.1 (8009-4.1) [Time for Filing, Form and Number of Briefs]

In addition to the foregoing substantive amendments, the following local rules have been amended to correct citations, cross-references, and minor clerical errors:

  • L.R. 5-4.2(b)(4) [Records for Bankruptcy Appeals and Administrative Review Cases]
  • L.R. 5-4.2(b)(5) [Other Exceptions]
  • L.R. 5-4.5 [Mandatory Chambers Copies]
  • L.R. 5-4.7.2 [Certification of Electronic Documents]
  • L.R. 5-4.8.2 [Obligation to Maintain Electronic Post Office Box]
  • L.R. 11-5.1 [Non-Paper Physical Exhibits]
  • L.R. 11-5.4 [Size of Paper]
  • L.R. 15-3 [Date of Service]
  • L.R. 16-4.4 [Jury Trial]
  • L.R. 23-3 [Certification]
  • L.R. 53-2 [Fees and Expenses]
  • L.R. 79-5.1 [Filing Under Seal or In Camera – Procedures]
  • L.R. 83-3.2.5 [Discipline by Agencies]
  • L.R. 83-8.4 [Reference to State Statute]
  • L.Cr.R. 32-3.2 [Presentence Investigation Reports]
  • L.Cr.R. 49-1.2(b)(5) [Other Exceptions]
  • L.Cr.R. 49.1-2 [Exceptions]

All proceedings in cases commenced on or after December 1, 2013, and, insofar as just and practicable, all proceedings then pending will be governed by these amended rules.

Terry Nafisi
District Court Executive

November 1, 2013