Changes to Local Rules Proposed to Become Effective December 1, 2020

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The Court has preliminarily approved amendments to the local rules listed below. The proposed effective date is December 1, 2020. A redline of the proposed changes accompanies the electronic version of this notice and can also be found on the Court’s website. The proposed new and amended rules are the following:

Local Civil Rules:

•L.R. 5-4.2 •L.R. 11-5.2 •L.R. 41-6 •New L.R. 83-
•L.R. 5-4.4.2 •L.R. 11-5.3 •L.R. 79-3 •L.R. 83-
•L.R. 7-18 •L.R. 11-5.4 •L.R. 79-4 •L.R. 83-
•L.R. 11-5.1 •L.R. 11-5.5 •L.R. 83- •L.R. 83-


Local Criminal Rules:

•L.Cr.R. 32-1 •L.Cr.R. 32-3.2 •L.Cr.R. 32-3.5 •L.Cr.R. 46-2
•L.Cr.R. 32-2 •L.Cr.R. 32-3.3 •L.Cr.R. 32.1-1 •L.Cr.R. 49-1.2
•L.Cr.R. 32-3.1 •L.Cr.R. 32-3.4 •L.Cr.R. 32.1-2 •L.Cr.R. 57-3.5.2


Members of the public are invited to submit comments on the proposed changes to the rules. Comments may be submitted to <>. Only comments submitted by electronic mail to this address will be considered. All comments must be submitted no later than September 30, 2020. All timely received comments will be considered by the Court before final adoption of the rules.


Kiry K. Gray
District Court Executive/Clerk of Court
September 3, 2020