Electronic Access to Criminal Documents

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Effective August 1, 2005, the Office of the Clerk will post criminal documents on the court’s Internet website. Any subscriber to WebPACER will be able to read, download, store and print the full content of these electronic documents. The clerk’s office will not post documents sealed or otherwise restricted by court order.

You should not include sensitive information in any civil or criminal document filed with the court unless such inclusion is necessary and relevant to the case. You must remember that any personal information not otherwise protected will be made available over the Internet via WebPACER. If sensitive information must be included, refer to the Court’s Local Rule 79-5.4 regarding the responsibilities of parties to redact or exclude personal information.

The responsibility for redacting or placing under seal these personal data identifiers rests solely with counsel and the parties. The clerk’s office will not review any pleadings or documents for compliance.

Sherri R. Carter
District Court Executive