Limit Personal Information in Transcripts

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Public Notice

The judiciary’s privacy policy restricts the publication of certain personal data in documents filed with the court. The policy requires limiting Social Security and financial account numbers to the last four digits, using only initials for the names of minor children, and limiting dates of birth to the year. For criminal cases, home addresses are limited to city and state. However, if such information is elicited during testimony or other court proceedings, it will become available to the public when the official transcript is filed at the courthouse unless, and until, it is redacted. The better practice is for attorneys to avoid introducing this information into the record. Please take this into account when questioning witnesses or making other statements in court. If a restricted item is mentioned in court, you may ask to have it stricken from the record or partially redacted to conform to the privacy policy, or the court may do so on its own motion.

Sherri R. Carter
District Court Executive