Protective Measures Taken in Response to Coronavirus in the Central District of California

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The United States District Court for the Central District of California announces the following measures in response to the threat posed by COVID-19, also known as the “Coronavirus.” 

Effective immediately, the following persons shall not enter any courthouse or Probation and Pretrial Services Office in the Central District of California:

  1. Persons who have travelled to any countries within the last fourteen days for which the Centers for Disease Control has issued Level Two or Level Three travel health notices, including, as of the date of this Order:
  1. China
  2. Italy
  3. Iran
  4. Japan
  5. South Korea
  1. Persons who reside or have had close contact with someone who has travelled to one of those countries within the last fourteen days;
  2. Persons who have been asked to self-quarantine by any doctor, hospital, or health agency;
  3. Persons who have been diagnosed with, or have had contact with, anyone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus; and
  4. Persons with apparent symptoms of COVID-19, such as, fever, severe cough, or shortness of breath.

Anyone attempting to enter in violation of this Order will be denied entry by a Court Security Officer.

              The naturalization ceremonies presently scheduled on March 19, 2020 are hereby CANCELLED.  Future naturalization ceremonies currently scheduled remain on calendar, but are subject to cancellation in the event the Coronavirus remains a concern.

              All visits by minors or student groups to, and all tours of, the Courthouses of the Central District of California unrelated to a Court proceeding are hereby CANCELLED.    

If you have a scheduled appointment or you are otherwise required to appear at one of the Courthouses or Probation and Pretrial Services Offices, and you are unable to do so because of these restrictions, you should proceed as follows:

  1. If you are represented by an attorney, please contact your attorney;
  2. If you are an attorney or self-represented litigant and you are scheduled to appear in Court before a Judge, please contact that Judge’s Courtroom Deputy Clerk directly;
  3. If you are scheduled to meet with a Probation or Pretrial Services Officer, please visit the Probation and Pretrial Services Office website at;
  4. If you are a juror, please contact the Jury Department at (213) 894-3644 or;
  5. For Bankruptcy Court matters, please visit the Bankruptcy Court’s website at; and
  6. For other District Court matters, please visit the District Court’s website

These restrictions will remain in place until further notice.  If you believe you may have been exposed to coronavirus you should contact your healthcare provider immediately. 

Moreover, in order to protect public health, and in order to reduce the size of public gatherings and reduce unnecessary travel, the Court has ordered as follows:

  1. The United States Courthouses in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Riverside will remain open for business, subject to the following limitations.
  2. Effective immediately, the Court will not call in jurors for service in civil or criminal jury trials until April 13, 2020 or otherwise ordered by the Court.  The Court may issue other orders concerning future continuances as necessary and appropriate.
  3. All courtroom proceedings and filing deadlines will remain in place unless otherwise ordered by the presiding Judge. 
  4. The time period of any continuance entered as a result of this order shall be excluded under the Speedy Trial Act, 18 U.S.C. § 3161(h)(7)(A), as the Court finds that the ends of justice served by taking that action outweigh the interests of the parties and the public in a speedy trial. Absent further order of the Court or any individual judge, the period of exclusion shall be from March 13, 2020, to April 13, 2020.  The Court may extend the period of exclusion as circumstances may warrant.
  5. Individual judges may continue to hold hearings, conferences, and bench trials in the exercise of their discretion, consistent with this Order.       
  6. Criminal matters before Magistrate Judges, such as initial appearances, arraignments, detention hearings, and the issuance of search warrants, shall continue to take place in the ordinary course.
  7. Grand juries shall continue to meet pending further order of the Court.
  8. The Clerk’s Office, Probation and Pretrial Services Office, the Bankruptcy Court, and all other Court services shall remain open pending further order of the Court.