Public Notice of Intent to Consider the Reappointment of United States Magistrate Judge Alka Sagar

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Notice is hereby given that a panel of citizens has been established to submit a recommendation to the Court regarding the matter of the reappointment of Alka Sagar to an additional eight (8) year term. Magistrate Judge Sagar’s term expires August 20, 2021.

The duties of the Magistrate Judge position are wide-ranging.  These duties are set forth in Central District General Orders 05-07 and 06-01, available on the Court’s website at:  Basic jurisdiction of United States Magistrate Judges is specified in 28 U.S.C. § 636.

Comments from members of the Bar and public are invited as to whether the incumbent Magistrate Judge should be recommended by the panel for reappointment by the Court.  Comments should be directed to the panel by clicking on the link below.  Select “Judge Sagar Reappointment” under the menu titled, “Reason for contacting us.” When you have completed writing your comments and filled in all the required fields, click “Submit your message.”

Comments must be received not later than March 2, 2021 


Kiry K. Gray

District Court Executive/Clerk of Court
February 1, 2021