Reminder: Requirement to Maintain Updated Contact Information in CM/ECF

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            All attorneys admitted to practice before the Court are reminded of the requirement to maintain accurate contact information in CM/ECF.  See Local Civil Rules 5-4.8.1 (Obligation to Maintain Personal Contact Information), 5-4.8.2 (Obligation to Maintain Electronic Post Office Box), 83-2.4 (Notification of Change in Name, Address, Firm Association, Telephone Number, or E-Mail Address).  Daily, the Clerk’s Office receives hundreds of emails stating notices of electronic filing (“NEFs”) have been returned as undeliverable because of the failure of attorneys to maintain accurate contact information in CM/ECF.  As the keeper of the record responsible for service of all filed documents, the Clerk’s Office then has to research and remedy these service issues, which takes considerable staff time that could be used more efficiently in other ways.

When changing employment between law firms or agencies, complete a G-06 Form (“Notice of Change of Attorney Business or Contact Information”) for any pending cases or G-123 Form (“Notice of Appearance or Withdrawal of Counsel”), in particular complete Section III to be removed from the docket and stop receiving NEFs for the case.  BEFORE filing the G-06 or the G-123 Forms, update your account in CM/ECF with your correct contact information at your new law firm or agency.  This applies equally to attorneys employed by the Federal Public Defender’s Office and the United States Attorney’s Office who move on to other employers.  Click here for detailed instructions on how to update your contact information in CM/ECF.         

            Kindly ensure all secondary email addresses identified in your CM/ECF account are accurate and necessary on a regular basis.  A significant proportion of the bounced NEF emails the Clerk’s Office receives have to do with inaccurate or outdated secondary email addresses. 

Thank you, in advance, for your anticipated compliance with this important requirement.


Brian D. Karth
District Court Executive/Clerk of Court

June 28, 2024