E-Mailing Sealed Documents

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The Central District of California is initiating a pilot project in which volunteer judges will be accepting submission of proposed orders to seal documents via e-mail. This initiative will go into effect on July 8, 2013, further expanding the electronic transmission of documents to the Court.

Counsel will be required to electronically file the Application to File Documents Under Seal and e-mail the proposed order and sealed documents to the judge's chambers e-mail address. Counsel should refer to the judge’s procedures and schedules for detailed instructions for submission of sealed documents.

For a list of participating judges see the list below:

Participating Judges
Judge Percy Anderson
Judge Andre Birotte, Jr.
Judge Cormac J. Carney
Judge David O. Carter
Judge Dale S. Fischer
Judge Dolly M. Gee
Judge Andrew J. Guilford
Judge Gary R. Klausner
Judge John A. Kronstadt
Judge Margaret M. Morrow
Judge Beverly Reid O'Connell
Judge Fernando M. Olguin
Judge S. James Otero
Judge Virginia A. Phillips
Judge James V. Selna
Judge Josephine L. Staton
Judge Otis D. Wright II
Chief Magistrate Judge Suzanne H. Segal
Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Chooljian
Magistrate Judge Jay C. Gandhi
Magistrate Judge Alexander F. MacKinnon
Magistrate Judge Douglas F. McCormick
Magistrate Judge Arthur Nakazato
Magistrate Judge Rozella A. Oliver
Magistrate Judge Alicia G. Rosenberg
Magistrate Judge Jean P. Rosenbluth
Magistrate Judge Karen E. Scott
Magistrate Judge Gail J. Standish
Magistrate Judge Patrick J. Walsh
Magistrate Judge Michael R. Wilner
Magistrate Judge Carla Woehrle