Technical PDF Related Questions

  • What is a PDF document?

    Documents in Portable Document File (PDF) format do not require a copy of the word processing program used to create them in order to be viewed. They can be viewed by anyone with a free viewer, such as Acrobat Reader, a product of Adobe Systems, Inc. In addition to its cross platform advantage, a PDF document matches very closely the format of the original document in which the PDF document was created. All of the pleadings in the CM/ECF system are stored in PDF format. To view PDF files, you must have a PDF viewing software such as Acrobat Reader, which you may download free from the Adobe Systems Internet website You will view PDF documents the way they were created, and you may save and print them in that format.

    PDF is the only format in which documents will be accepted in CM/ECF.

  • I want to copy and paste from a PDF document, but I can't seem to select any text. How do I copy and paste?

    If you are using an Adobe product, you must first select the text tool (look for the T on the toolbar) instead of the hand. Then select the text, and either right-click and choose copy, or use the copy icon. If you cannot select the text, then the PDF is a scanned image. Scanned documents in PDF act just like photographs. You will not be able to copy and paste from a scanned image.