Technical PDF Related Questions

  • Is it possible to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader open in a separate window, one not a part of my browser; or, alternatively, if the Adobe Reader opens on my PC as a separate Window, is it possible to make it open within the browser?

    The answer to both question is "yes." In Adobe Acrobat or the Adobe Reader, click on "File", then "Preferences", then "General". In the Options section at the bottom of the window labeled "General Preferences," check the box (by clicking on it if it is blank) beside "Web Browser Integration" to make a PDF document open within the browser. Uncheck that box (by clicking on it if it is checked) to cause Acrobat or the Adobe Reader to open in a separate window.

  • What does this error message mean? ERROR: Document contains code which may cause an external action (such as launching an application). This PDF document cannot be accepted.

    If your PDF contains any password security, it will not be accepted. All PDF documents which include embedded JavaScript that use the OpenAction syntax will be rejected. Some petition preparation software contains JavaScript to perform calculations which uses OpenAction syntax. If your PDF is rejected, please contact your PDF software vendor or petition preparation vendor and speak with them regarding the use of JavaScript OpenAction syntax. OpenAction JavaScript commands can be used to track those who view a PDF and to install malware and viruses.

    It may be that the PDF software you are using contains an advertisement. This is not acceptable in CM/ECF and must be removed before the document can be e-filed.

    CM/ECF will not accept PDFs with any imbedded security or JavaScript code.