Technical PDF Related Questions

  • My document seems to change when I make it into PDF; what's happening?

    This is called "flowing". Depending on the font, the printer selected, and other characteristics of the content, a document may undergo some changes when it's rendered into PDF. If you are using an Adobe product to convert documents to PDF, visit Adobe has a set of technical documents posted on their site that refer directly to ways in which you may attempt to address flowing problems.

    Another work-around is to set your PDF printer as your "Default Printer" before opening the document, then open the document, edit it to correct any format errors, save it and try printing (converting) to PDF again.

  • What is Adobe Acrobat?

    Adobe Acrobat is a commercial software product from Adobe that allows you to view and create documents in PDF (portable document format). Adobe, the inventors of the PDF format, can be found at, where you can find both the free reader version of the software, which can be used to retrieve documents from CM/ECF, and the writer version, which can create documents for posting. There are other brands of commercially available software to create PDF files, and the CM/ECF's only requirement is that filings must be in PDF to be accepted by the CM/ECF system. All documents filed in CM/ECF must be in PDF format. The Federal Judiciary does not endorse any specific software.