Procedures for Submitting Travel Request and Authorization

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As set forth in the Travel Guidelines for the CJA Attorneys and Experts approved by the Court on October 6, 2005, a written travel authorization is required prior to commencing inter-district and all overnight travel. The following are new procedures for submitting and processing the Travel Request and Authorization (“TA”).

The attorney is to complete the TA and submit it to the Office of the CJA Supervising Attorney via CJA Services. If a Court Order has been issued authorizing the travel, a copy of the order should be included. Once authorized, the attorney will be notified by e-mail and the attorney should log into CJA Services to obtain a copy of the TA. The traveler is to then contact National Travel Service (NTS) at 1-800-445-0668 to arrange the travel. NTS will provide an itinerary which the traveler must submit with the voucher billing for the associated time and expenses.  A copy of the TA and the passenger's airfare receipt must also be attached to the voucher when submitted.