Criminal Forms
Form Number Title Form Revision Date
CR-003 Affidavit of Surety(ies) (Property) 12/2005
CR-004 Affidavit of Surety (No Justification) 02/2009
CR-005 Short Form Deed of Trust and Assignment of Rents 05/2018
CR-007 Affidavit Re Appearance Bond (Cash Security) 09/2019
CR-010 Advisement of Constitutional and Statutory Rights 09/2018
CR-014 Designation and Appearance of Counsel 01/2007
CR-015 Notice To District Court Of Related Criminal Duty Filing 05/2008
CR-019 Waiver of Trial by Jury and Waiver of Special Findings of Fact 09/1997
CR-020 Instructions for Posting a Third Party Surety Appearance Bond 07/2016
CR-021 Subpoena in a Criminal Case 01/2024
CR-031 Affidavit of Third-Party Custodian 03/2015
CR-032 Waiver of Right to Counsel 06/2007
CR-035 Waiver of Defendant's Presence 03/2007
CR-037 Declaration Re Passport and Other Travel Documents 05/2015
CR-043 Notice Directing Defendant to Appear for Arraignment Calendar 11/2023
CR-044 Statement of Defendant's Constitutional Rights 09/1997
CR-052 Affidavit Re: Out- of- District Warrant 03/2020
CR-054 Statement of Compliance with Local Criminal Rules 46-5 and 46-6 12/2003
CR-057 Waiver of Indictment 06/2014
CR-062 Application to the Criminal Duty Judge for Review of Magistrate Judge’s Bail Order; Order Thereon 12/2003