United States Probation and Pretrial Services Officer

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Job Specifications
Classification Level: 
CL 25 to CL 28
Salary Range: 
$55,776 - $131,489
Santa Ana
Opening Date: 
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Closing Date: 
Open Until Filled
Number of Positions: 
Vacancy Number: 
Job Type: 
Full Time
Position Overview: 
The United States Probation and Pretrial Services Office Central District of California is a part of the United States District Courts and the Federal Judiciary. The Probation and Pretrial Office is responsible for investigating, supervising, referring for treatment, and providing reports on federal defendants and offenders. The district is comprised of the main office in downtown Los Angeles and 10 branch offices located throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and Ventura counties.
The United States Probation and Pretrial Services Office is looking for professionals interested in working with the court system to supervise and help criminal defendants and offenders reintegrate back into society. A United States Probation and Pretrial Services Officer is responsible for monitoring and supporting defendants and offenders in the community while reducing the risk they may present. We need fair and confident officers who can write comprehensive, impartial and verified reports; enforce court orders; confront and deal with challenging people; and influence them in leading a positive lifestyle. This incumbent will report directly to the Supervisory United States Probation and Pretrial Services Officer.
Representative Responsibilities: 
  • Conduct investigations and prepare reports for the court with recommendations, which requires interviewing defendants and offenders and their families, as well as collecting background data from various sources. An integral part of this process is the interpretation and application of policies and procedures, statutes, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures, and may include U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, Monographs, and relevant case law.
  • Enforce court-ordered supervision components and implement supervision strategies, including evidence-based practices. Maintain personal contact with defendants and offenders. Investigate employment, sources of income, lifestyle, and associates to assess risk and compliance. Address substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence, and similar problems and implement the necessary treatment or violation proceedings, through assessment, monitoring, and counseling.
  • Schedule and conduct drug use detection tests and DNA collection of defendants and offenders, following established procedures and protocols. Maintain paper and computerized records of test results. Maintain chain of custody of urinalysis testing materials. Testify in court as to the basis for factual findings and (if warranted) guideline applications. Maintain detailed written records of case activity. May conduct surveillance and/or search and seizure at the direction of the court.
  • Investigate and analyze financial documents and activities and take appropriate action. Interview victim (s) and provide victim impact statements to the court. Ensure compliance with Mandatory Victims Restitution Act. Responsible for enforcement of home confinement conditions ordered by the court.
  • Analyze and respond to any objections. This may include resolving disputed issues and presenting unresolved issues to the court for resolution. Assess defendants’ and offenders’ level of risk and develop a blend of monitoring, intervention and restriction strategies.
  • Communicate with other organizations and persons (such as the U.S. Parole Commission, Bureau of Prisons, law enforcement, treatment agencies, and attorneys) concerning defendants’ and offenders’ behavior and conditions of supervision. Identify and investigate violations and implement appropriate alternatives and sanctions. Report violations to the appropriate authorities. Prepare written reports of violation matters and make recommendations for disposition. Testify at court or parole hearings. Conduct Parole Commission preliminary interviews.
  • Knowledge of, and compliance with, the Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees and court confidentiality requirements.
  • Complete a mandatory 40 hours annually of work-related training, in addition to safety and firearms training (if applicable).
  • Other duties as assigned or reassignment to other divisions and offices based on needs of the district.
Job Requirements: 
  • Successful applicants must undergo a full background investigation by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.
  • Prior to appointment, the selectee considered for this position will undergo a medical examination and drug screening. Upon successful completion of the medical examination and drug screening, the selectee may then be appointed provisionally, pending a favorable suitability determination by the court. The medical requirements and essential job functions derived from the medical guidelines for probation officers are available for public review at www.uscourts.gov.
  • New officers will attend a six-week training academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy in South Carolina during the first year of employment.
  • Incumbent will be subject to ongoing random drug screening, updated background investigations every five years and, as deemed necessary by management for reasonable cause, may be subject to subsequent fitness-for-duty evaluations.

Must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States currently seeking citizenship or intending to become a citizen immediately upon meeting eligibility requirements. Applicant must be under age 37 and in good health/physical condition. BA/BS in Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Criminal Justice or related field desired. Master's degree preferred but not mandatory. Minimum 2+ years case management experience preferred. Experience with evidenced-based practices a plus. Additional course work or experience in accounting or any other financial related field would be a plus in dealing with white-collar defendants and offenders. This position is considered a federal law enforcement position with hazardous duty, which will require irregular work hours, including early morning, nights, weekends and holidays. The Probation and Pretrial Office reserves the right to transfer and/or reclassify this position based on future agency needs.


Federal employees will have a wide variety of medical plans from which to choose. Options for dental, vision, life insurance, long-term disability insurance, long-term care insurance and flexible spending accounts. Participation in the Federal Employees Retirement System-Further Revised Annuity Employee (FERS-FRAE) with enhanced law enforcement officer benefits. Up to 5% matching on retirement savings (401k equivalent). Generous accrual of paid time off and 11 federal holidays.

Application Process: 
Qualified applicants will be evaluated to determine those who are best qualified. This determination will be based on a review of the applicant’s relevant experience, education, and training as well as other evaluation procedures. Applications should be submitted to cacp_hr@cacp.uscourts.gov and will need to reference the vacancy number 24-06E. Any packets with missing items or without the designation #24-06E will not be reviewed. This recruitment is for a position considered “high-sensitive.” To determine suitability for the position, applicants must provide criminal history information on the Federal Judicial Branch Application for Employment (AO78). Therefore, all questions requesting criminal history information must be answered even if identified as optional. This requirement also applies to any other employment-related forms when requested. The following documents will need to be included in the application:
1. Cover Letter
2. Resume
3. College Transcripts
4. One most recent performance evaluation.
5. An application for Federal Branch Employment (visit the court’s website at www.cacd.uscourts.gov to download the job application).