List of Judges Participating in Court-Directed ADR Program

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The following district judges participate in the Court-Directed ADR Program.  If counsel has received a "Notice to Parties of Court-Directed ADR Program" (form ADR-08), the case presumptively will be referred to the Court Mediation Panel or to private mediation.  See General Order 11-10, § 5.

Participating Judges
Judge Anderson Judge Bernal
Judge Birotte Judge Carney
Judge Carter Judge Fairbank
Judge Fischer Judge Fitzgerald
Judge Gee Judge Guilford
Judge Gutierrez Judge Hatter
Judge Klausner Judge Kronstadt
Judge Lew Judge O'Connell
Judge Otero Judge Phillips
Judge Pregerson Judge Selna
Judge Snyder Judge Staton
Judge Walter Judge Wilson
Judge Wright Judge Wu