Procedures for Reserving Courthouse Facilities for Mediations

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Use of Courthouse Facilities for Mediation

Members of the Court Mediation Panel may reserve court facilities for mediations conducted pursuant to their service as members of the Mediation Panel. Court facilities may not be used for private mediations.

The following individuals are available to assist with room reservations for settlement conferences to be held at divisional courthouses:

  • Los Angeles (Spring Street) – Alex DeDios and Luis Rodriguez by email: S&
  • Santa Ana – Melissa Alcaide – (714) 558-7321
  • Riverside – Dominic Estrada – (951) 328-4475

FOR LOS ANGELES (SPRING STREET) ONLY: Due to the heavy use of facilities at the Los Angeles location, please observe the following procedures:

  • When you arrive at the courthouse, please check-in with Alex so that he can escort you to the conference room(s) and open the room(s). Please advise counsel that both they and their client(s) should check-in with Alex as well. Alex is located in room 910 of the Spring Street courthouse. If Alex is not available, please contact Cecilia Gonda at (213) 894-4467. If neither Alex nor Cecilia is available, you may contact the ADR Program Office at (213) 894-2993.
  • Please request conference room reservations as far in advance as possible. If you leave a voice mail with Alex, your message must include your e-mail address, your cellphone number, your contact telephone number, and the name of an alternate contact person in the event you are not available when he returns your call.
  • Please be aware that the number of rooms you reserve will be the number of rooms available to you on the day of the mediation. Do not assume that any unoccupied rooms are available for your use.
  • Occasionally, room locations will be changed. Alex will notify you of the new location as soon as he is aware of any change in room assignments.
  • Should a mediation be cancelled, please advise Alex as soon as possible so that he may cancel your room reservation.
  • Please close and lock the door(s) to the conference room(s) once the mediation has concluded.

Thank you for your cooperation.