Capital Habeas Corpus (Death Penalty) Pleadings

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Please refer to Checklist for Filing Civil Documents in the Filing Procedures section for additional filing information.

Please refer to Civil Filing Locations for additional information for filing by mail.

Some district judges require counsel to provide a copy of all filings to the assigned capital habeas staff attorney (also known as a death penalty law clerk).  When addressing copies to the capital habeas staff attorney, use the following mailing address. It is not necessary to include the individual staff attorney's name.

Capital Habeas Staff Attorneys
United States Courthouse, Room 1027
312 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Capital habeas corpus documents which are personally filed/lodged should be hand carried to Room 526 of the U.S. Courthouse located at 312 North Spring Street, Los Angeles. When personally filing/lodging documents, the capital habeas staff attorney's copy should be labeled with the following routing directions:

Please forward this copy to: Capital Habeas Staff Attorneys, Room 1027

Do not put the name of the judge on the envelope; this causes delays and misdirection of the mail.