Capital Habeas Corpus (Death Penalty) Pleadings

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With the exception of those documents exempted under Local Rule 5-4.2, all documents filed in Capital Habeas Corpus cases must be submitted in conformity with the requirements of Local Rule 5-4.1.   

Please note that on June 1, 2015, Local Rules 5-4.2 and 83-17.7 were amended to require that the state court record in Capital Habeas Corpus cases be lodged electronically.  When lodging documents electronically, the party lodging the document(s) must file a Notice of Lodgment specifically identifying each document being lodged.  The document(s) to be lodged must be uploaded to CM/ECF as attachments to the Notice of Lodgment, and must be identified in the same manner as they are identified in the Notice of Lodgment.

It is no longer necessary to provide courtesy copies of documents that have been electronically filed or lodged to the Capital Habeas Staff Attorneys (Death Penalty Law Clerks).