Common Civil Filing Mistakes

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To assist  all parties and to avoid possible delays, the following is a list of some of the more common mistakes made in filing documents in civil cases.  All numbers in parentheses are references to the Local Civil Rules.

  • Along with the civil action, no civil cover sheet is presented to the clerk for filing or the civil cover sheet is not completely filled out (3-1).
  • A  notice of removal is filed without a conformed copy of the state court  complaint.
  • The case title on the summons does not match the case title on the complaint.
  • On subsequently filed documents, the case number and/or the judge’s initials are incorrect.
  • A separate proof of service is not prepared for each document filed (5-3.2).
  • A notice of motion is filed less than the minimum number of days before the hearing date noticed (6-1).
  • An ex parte application does not include a lodged proposed ex parte order (7-19).
  • A certification of interested parties is not filed with a first appearance (7.1-1).
  • A submitted document is not numbered consecutively at the bottom of each page(11-3.3).
  • A copy of a document filed in paper format is not provided for the judge (11-4.1).
  • A paper exhibit is not numbered consecutively to the principal document (11-5.2).
  • There is not a  notice of  lodging of depositions when depositions are being submitted in support of motions (32-1).        
  • A joint stipulation regarding discovery motions is not filed (37-2.4).
  • A demand for a jury trial is not set forth at the end of the pleading (38-1).
  • A Bill of Cost does not include the name(s) of the prevailing party in the application (54-1, 54-2).     
  • A Bill of Cost does not include an application (54-3).
  • A party seeking summary judgment does not lodge a proposed judgment (56-1).
  • The notice of related cases does not include all related cases (83-1.3).  

Please consult the Local Civil Rules for further information.